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Two more points:

1. Gwonam's Amazing Weiss Kreuz Stash

You must visit the Weiss Kreuz Cave immediately, and this is why: just when we thought there were no more WK stashes of goodness, I found this floating around on the interwebs.  Here you will find stories by the incomparable gwonam that encompass every pairing imaginable: Yohji/Asuka, Schuldig/Silvia, Crawford/Silvia, Silvia/Sally, Crawford Schuldig, Kase/Ken, Schoen/Massafumi, Schuldig/Nagi, Berger/Geisel, and Schuldig/Geisel . . . just in the first section.  I found myself reading, and enjoying, pairings I would never consider and now I'm a complete addict.  Everything is well-written and absolutely based in canon.  Back stories are fleshed out, two-dimensional characters receive personalities, and I found myself reading these stories thinking that WK finally made sense, plot wise.  All the characters have motivations that fit within the original time lines; there's something here for every taste -- and it's all achieved within a healthy framework of porn.  This might be the first time I read stories set within the Gluhen period and loved it.  Yes, yes and more yes.  Go read it.

2. Saiyuki

Just when I swore to god and all that is holy to me (radishes, wine and dutch warmbloods) that I would not fall into another fandom, I made the mistake of reading [personal profile] emungere's Home From the Sea, Home from the Hill, and now I'm a total Gojyo/Hakkai slut -- yeah, I know I'm a thousand years late -- better late than never.  As a result of this, any and all Saiyuki recs you can send my way will be cherished.

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Hee, I'm looking forward to raiding that Weiß Kreuz stash. ♥♥♥ Thanks for reccing.

From: [identity profile]

Go read! There's just not enough WK being written these days. This makes up for it.

From: [identity profile]

Will do, but after Ramadhan. I don't think I should be reading porn during the fasting month...feels wrong somehow. =)

I'd love to rec some Saiyuki fics for you, but I've been out of the fandom too long. Can't remember the fics I used to love anymore. >.

From: [identity profile]

That is the best reason I've ever heard to Not read porn. Yeah, I'd skip it for now.

But do take my well wishes for the season (unfortunately in Turkish, but the sentiment is from my heart):

Ramazan bayramını en içten dileklerimle kutlarım Allah kabul etsin.

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Unfortunately I'm a failed Catholic girl who reads porn and then suffers from guilt, but I have very many friends who are observing Ramadhan currently.

*wanders off to lauand to find more Saiyuki stories*

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Oooh! A new source for WK goodness! Shiny!

I swear I've been working on my rec sheet. I've got more than 2.000 Saiyuki fics on my hard drive (I'm not joking) and I've been guiding myself for the comments I attach to their titles, but it's still tiring. But I'm on it. Really.

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That makes me very sleepy just thinking about you going through all those titles. Though I cannot wait to receive whatever you send my way, I don't want you to make yourself crazy going through them all for me.

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Since I don't have two weeks or so to write down all of my favourite Saiyuki stories, I'll just point you to the source where I got linked to most of them - Cicer's rec lists (links come with individula descriptions if you want to avoid some stuff, but most of it is very good and almost half of it is Saiyuki (lots of WK, too):

Yay for Gojyo and Hakkai, btw!

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Thank you, thank you, thank you. I haven't looked there. I've been lost in endless google searches that usually send me somewhere I don't want to be. Ack! Now I'll go read for the rest of the night.

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Yo, I forgot to rec you fantastic [ profile] louiselux. Double shame on me. If you're into genderswap, then you must read this completely awesome girl!Hakkai fic: The Curse. Funny, witty, intense and -guh- hot. :)

From: [identity profile]

Thank you! It usually takes a fantastic writer to pull off genderswap for me, and [ profile] louiselux certainly is. I'll go read it immediately.

From: [identity profile]

Oh god, you won't regret, I promise. (And I'm sorry, but not very eloquent lately.) The atmosphere of unease and devotion is really, really well caught. Total win. <3

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Hi, how are you? Long time no see. Hope you're keeping well. I was wondering (hoping against hope) that maybe you'd have Gwonam's fics on your hard-drive somewhere? Cause it's been locked and it breaks my heart not to have access to some superb porn like that.



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