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( Mar. 1st, 2009 02:00 am)
I'm absolutely missing a day in February.  I walked around convinced that today was the 27th and that I would have an entire night to pad my word count for the year.  I like contingency plans.  I'm very pleased with my numbers so far this year.  February: 22,396 (at least 1/8 of those are usable) which brings the total to 62,851 for the year.  But I can't help but think something dreadful will happen in July, i.e. I forget how to write. 

I have no idea where I misplaced that day.  Or what I did that day.  It's been raining like the devil, so like it or not I've been granted many days of staring at my notebooks. 

I grow fat from Starbucks and wine, so I'm heading to the barn early in the morning (late morning) to clean stalls with the girls.  Until then, I'm wrapping my brain around the Nirnaeth Arnoediad and sending frowning faces down the street until Nathaniel returns Chapter Two of Forgotten Tree.  Nathaniel!  They're just commas.  (Nathaniel says: "Commas are the least of your worries, I'm more troubled by your abuse of semicolons.")

But I've been blessed with a [ profile] levadegratchets , so maybe commas aren't important after all.


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