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( Apr. 2nd, 2009 01:35 am)

As if beta and muse [ profile] levadegratchets '  jewel-like gifts of scenes, Erestor's life caught in moments of astonishing beauty were not enough, she went one step farther and gave me the best present I have ever received in my life.  Ramie is the artist, and her vision of Glorfindel is better than my wildest imaginings.  Forgotten Tree, chapter three - Glorfindel stretched out in the water of his pool. I am too thrilled to sleep, so I will print a copy, clutch it tightly and curl up with the best gift ever, though I don't want to rumple it. 

Gorgeous art here: to the still earth say: I flow

I do not have words to express my gratitude for this present.  All those who have to listen to me speak, incessantly, day and night are most likely pleased that I am shocked speechless and will start to send [ profile] levadegratchets  their own prizes of money and good fortune.

Oh, this was a good day.  The best.  I am pouring another glass of wine and toasting you, Levade.


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