At least once a week [ profile] victoriawiley  and I vote to decide if The Writer's Almanac poem of the day truly is a poem.  Mary Oliver's "In Blackwater Woods" wins unanimously.
Look, the trees
are turning
their own bodies
into pillars

of light,
are giving off the rich
fragrance of cinnamon
and fulfillment . . .
read the rest here

In other news, I finished off my [ profile] getyourwordsout  April word count at 114k for 2009.  Most of this month's writing was utter crap but I did make some progress on the scattered original piece, posted chapter 4 of The Forgotten Tree and started at least fifteen other stories that may or may not shame me into doing something.  All in all it was a very brutal month for writing.  I feel edgy and foggy, absolutely uninspired.  I blame it on all the pollen and tree sex.  Luckily the trees are now fully green, spring has done its worse and my characters might now decide to do something better than lying around kissing all the time.  Not that I blame them.

I have designated tomorrow, a horse-free Sunday (canceled all riding lessons), as a post a snippet day.  Paragraphs, beginnings, abandoned text, wine-induced rants, characters studies, all the stuff that involves alphabets and words, will be organized -  and anything that forms a fully coherent thought will be posted as extended pseudo-drabbles.  I was a late convert to Catholicism and have found guilt to be a heady deadline.

Mostly, I blame my procrastination on Storm Constantine.  I've spent the past month submerged in her Wraeththu world: two trilogies, all the fanfic I can get my greedy, sweaty, rein-gnarled hands on (why the hell have I never heard of these books before)?  Unfortunately there are aren't many people at the barn that I can discuss a post-apocalyptic, hermaphroditic race with (not from lack of trying) - but her world building is exceptional.  I just wish someone had told me that the first three books were completely revised and re-published before I read the old editions.  However, all writer-ly fears of vanity presses aside, I admire anyone who creates a press to publish their back-list and exceptional fanfic written within the author's world: Immanion Press.


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