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( May. 14th, 2009 09:13 pm)

Several things.

1. Many thanks to[info]thrihyrne for drinking the dregs of this journal and finding/posting a snippet I wrote about the writing process.

2. Thank you Edda for whining when I placed you in that derelict farm house.  You said this: It’s like there’s a deficit in spiritual currency – they’ve put us on a budget haven’t they?” he asked, gripping the rusted key and imagining the things he would have to do without or make for himself: iron-gall ink, foolscap paper, fragrant oils, dai ginjo sake. - and the two of us won Most Intriguing Sentence of the Week at[info]getyourwordsout . Now, shut the hell up, Edda, and get on with the plot (no more kissing in the front lawn, though the honeysuckle nectar was a nice touch, go back inside, clean the place up, and be productive). 

3. And for all you Schwarz fans, this art by[info]stonecarnival is better than brilliant.

4.  And sorry, Schuldig, telepathy isn't as rare a talent as you might think, according to this article in Wired.  Though I am doubly freaked out by the "monkeys responding to telepathic limb control."

5. The jasmine is in crazy full bloom on the writing porch.  Hold on.  I'll go take a photo.  (I think I startled Habibe.)  It smells like Olin's skin which means it's been a great week to write about poisons.    




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