In response to another unauthorized charge (yey! this time Singapore!) on yet another card, I downloaded every malware destroyer I could find and then decided to spend the rest of my money on books. If it's to be spent, it will not be spent on pirated software, hookers, crack or whatever it is my lurking friends are buying (I'm the only one that can run up the limits on hookers and crack).


1. The first four books of The Pendergast Series by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child (wouldn't you hate to be the second name listed for a co-authored work?)  I seem to be the last to hear about anything, so I know there's many of you out there that have read this series. What do you think? Good? Bad? Indifferent? I'm really into series now because they give me an excellent excuse to not write or finish anything I've been working on.
Relic (Pendergast, Book 1)
Reliquary (Pendergast, Book 2)
The Cabinet of Curiosities (Pendergast, Book 3
Still Life with Crows (Pendergast, Book 4)

2. A client mentioned telepathy and slash fiction almost in the same breathless breath yesterday. My palms started to sweat and I made an excuse to go check the horses in the back of the barn. She was referring to the work of Rupert Sheldrake, applying his theory of morphic resonance to the way horses move en masse away from perceived dangers (the slash comment was in reference to two geldings with a very close attachment to each other). One cannot ignore congruence. I ordered Sheldrake's The Sense of Being Stared At: And Other Unexplained Powers of the Human Mind . Creepy.

3. And because no week is complete without an extraordinarily baffling text on quantum mechanics: Wholeness and the Implicate Order (Routledge Classics)

What are you reading right now?


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