• [livejournal.com profile] ahpookishere  (Patron Saint of Gelato) sent me ahpostcard from Firenze, Italy!  Thank you, gorgeous.  The best trips are when cards precede the traveler's return.  I hope the rest of your trip is perfect.  Until then, thank you for the Cimabue.  My people are busily cataloging and appraising it for inclusion in the permanent collection.  Payment will be sent discreetly by the usual courier: (namely Schwarz-fic that will be released once Madame Beta finds it fit for human consumption).  Until then, please accept my well-wishes on this holy day, the Russian Orthodox celebration of St. John the Divine, Patron Saint of Writers. (And you must post icon photos the moment you arrive home from the airport.  You shall not sleep.)
  •  5k written onto 20k of an original story this week.  Yay!  It doesn't look like the well will dry up, thank god.  But, it's been so long that I wrote het that I've kind of forgotten where all the parts go.  Could someone please send me a diagram?

  • In fear that I disappear into that world too deeply, [livejournal.com profile] victoriawiley  sent me this: "Homo Sex in Colonial America", Larry Kramer's post in which there is too much tasty goodness to repeat, but I will leave you with this sample: "A penis has never been something that you pick up and put down and put away idly without consideration."

  • [livejournal.com profile] levadegratchets  expedited the completion of Forgotten Tree Chap. 5 when she reminded me that betas/muses were not only incredible friends but they also make great physicians.  I re-post her prescription without permission (thank you, Levade!) because it is perfect and the rest of the world needs to see it - so that it might really happen.  Please visit Levade's month of Rilke here.

Dear World, Please sod off and leave KCD alone as she needs time to contemplate trees, stars, the wufflings of dogs and horses, the whisperings of jasmine and learn to love life again.  / Phones are prohibited for business, and to be used only for lunch and dinner dates, snarky gossip and witty banter. No exceptions. / Red wine is to be consumed every night and rich words are to be bandied about. / Lounging in bed is acceptable, as is being lazy. / Follow these for at least a week and set up a follow-up consultation. / Dr. Loon E. Bin, MD



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