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( Jun. 22nd, 2009 01:15 am)

What I learned in jury duty this week:

  • I have a serious attorney fetish.   Still not sure whether it was the suits, the Windsor knots, the smug-self confidence or my own lack of visual stimuli in a government office, but omfg – I’m going to start writing lawyer porn. The old southern attorney stereotype is still alive and well in these here parts.
  • I am in hot demand as a juror, much to my chagrin. And I tried my hardest to appear unsavory. I answered their questions as creepily as possible and I didn’t brush my hair. My name was the first chosen for the first case
  • Whoever breaks the marriage engagement doesn’t retain ownership of the $26k diamond.
  • The American justice system is flooded with unnecessary cases.
  • If one says something with confidence, one has the ability to sway a room of twelve adults. And I’m usually the stupid one amongst my little circle of friends. If a fellow juror turns to the stupid one and asks, “Where did you go to law school?” we should rethink the system.
  • [ profile] levadegratchets : The week gave me the chance to get three quarters of the way through Kushiel’s Dart. I’m a little in love with Joscelin and I love Carey’s imagery. 

And now we shall cut for:

Near Death Experience and Bagged Cat )


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