Title:  The Forgotten Tree
Part: 5 / ?
Rated: PG for now, later R
Genre: Silmarillion to LoTR: g
enerally encompassing the entirety of Tolkien’s canon, from Gondolin to Imladris.
Warnings: Oh, there will be angst. And slash. And wars. And other things.
Pairing: Glorfindel/Erestor
Beta: The incredible [info]levadegratchets 
Summary:  Erestor's story as hitherto edited by Pengologh of Gondolin
Disclaimer:  Own nothing, made nothing.
Notes: I promise, on all that is dear to me (thirty year tawny port, radishes and oak trees) that it will not take three months for the next chapter to be edited and posted.

Chapter Five: Tarnin Austa )


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