What's he building in there?

Fueled by the current (as opposed to the past) existential crisis (let’s call it EC for short) I present, ten drabbles of EXACTLY ONE HUNDRED WORDS EACH (it felt like burning, and one drabble just wouldn’t do, but I did it!) in which Schwarz ponders the meaning of existence. Most of this has been done, but let’s do it again, shall we? One day Farfarello might join us.  I promise,[info]ahpookishere ,  when I can wrap myself around anatomical references, I LOVE YOU will be yours. Until then, have these drabbles.

Title: Existential Crises
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Characters: Crawford / Schuldig, Nagi
Notes:  Ten brief encounters that might all go together in some way.


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