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( Aug. 22nd, 2009 09:58 pm)

Hi! I’m sick as bloody fuck, so feel free to attribute all of this weekend’s fic postings as the result of a feverish mind. The first sign of I must actually be sick was someone delivering a tray of food to me in bed this evening and after my initial shock wore off (I was raised by sensible people who believed if you were too sick to get up, you were probably too sick to eat, so they just left me alone until I surfaced) and I pushed the suspicious tray aside (Munchausen by proxy can pop up anytime in the least likely people – it never hurts to be too cautious), I decided to use this time to finish things I need to post and post things that I will never finish.

PLEASE NOTE: All the stories I post in the next few days have been hardly edited and quickly typed. I’m trying to learn to let things go and move on. [info]voksen ’s also trying to teach me how to write porn, but that’s not going too well.

Tonight we have . . . my first ever Crawford/Schuldig piece that I ever, ever wrote, ever. It is not finished, nor will it ever be finished. A one shot that has a beginning, middle and no ending. Pre-Schwarz, fresh out of Rosenkreuz, overall, I hate it, but I do like three lines. It is obvious that I was in Istanbul, staring out a window thinking about completely unrelated things when I wrote this.

Title: Notes
Fandom: WK . . .oh, hell – there’s no WK in this. It’s just Schwarz-ish.
Characters: Crawford / Schuldig
Rating: PG for suggestive pen strokes
Notes:  Crawford has a plan! (Really? No way!)

proceed at your own risk )


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