This serves as my current contribution to The Plan, but I'm not hiding this under a lock because I love Edda [info]questails requested an Edda/G drabble and it's not going to make one lick of sense to anyone without some back story.  This comes from one of three Lengthy Original Projects I've been ignoring for months.  Its working title is The Historians because I cannot think of titles, and it suits the characters' vocations.  I'll be posting more back stories in the days to come which will flesh out the world these characters operate in, but for now, let's just say this is all based loosely on the concept of the Suddice, a hierarchy of spirits in Slavic mythology.  Edda is one of two main characters and I'm desperately in love with him.  Edda can also be represented by a tiny crow (please see icon).  He has a tendency to steal/hoard pencils and coppery coins.

Edda Chooses )
Stolen from [ profile] ahpookishere , this seems like an excellent way to shame myself into finishing something, or send the stories to the graveyard.  We'll see.

Post a sentence from as many as your WIPs as you want, with no explanation attached.
Schuldig, as usual, takes the prize for longest, most run-on-est, sentence. )


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( May. 14th, 2009 09:13 pm)

Several things.

1. Many thanks to[info]thrihyrne for drinking the dregs of this journal and finding/posting a snippet I wrote about the writing process.

2. Thank you Edda for whining when I placed you in that derelict farm house.  You said this: It’s like there’s a deficit in spiritual currency – they’ve put us on a budget haven’t they?” he asked, gripping the rusted key and imagining the things he would have to do without or make for himself: iron-gall ink, foolscap paper, fragrant oils, dai ginjo sake. - and the two of us won Most Intriguing Sentence of the Week at[info]getyourwordsout . Now, shut the hell up, Edda, and get on with the plot (no more kissing in the front lawn, though the honeysuckle nectar was a nice touch, go back inside, clean the place up, and be productive). 

3. And for all you Schwarz fans, this art by[info]stonecarnival is better than brilliant.

4.  And sorry, Schuldig, telepathy isn't as rare a talent as you might think, according to this article in Wired.  Though I am doubly freaked out by the "monkeys responding to telepathic limb control."

5. The jasmine is in crazy full bloom on the writing porch.  Hold on.  I'll go take a photo.  (I think I startled Habibe.)  It smells like Olin's skin which means it's been a great week to write about poisons.    


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( Jan. 17th, 2009 09:44 pm)
Four revised chapters in, the characters are ruining everything.  I'm well ahead of the 21,000k monthly goal.  I had horrific flashbacks to my freelance days and thought working under a self-imposed deadline in 2009 would either destroy my will to write or make me write through the spots that suffocated me.  Luckily the latter is proving true.  I'm still wary of outlining the entire story even when I remind myself that the outline is fluid and flexible.

Last night a character shocked me with a love letter.  Letters and emails have been popping up all over the place in the second section chapters this week.  Letter below.


Read on for the Letter )
As if.  Before a board meeting this morning, my uncle reminded me of the sealed packages each family member received several months ago, a token of sorts, from my late grandfather's wife.  "My box contained a paper for two grave plots," the uncle said.  "I arranged my own some time ago - do you think your mother would want these so they don't go to waste?"  The uncle really saw nothing unsual about this comment or question.  Rather than invest in more therapy for myself, I decided to work it out in a story.



The Package )


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