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( Sep. 4th, 2009 09:02 pm)
Two more points:

1. Gwonam's Amazing Weiss Kreuz Stash

You must visit the Weiss Kreuz Cave immediately, and this is why: just when we thought there were no more WK stashes of goodness, I found this floating around on the interwebs.  Here you will find stories by the incomparable gwonam that encompass every pairing imaginable: Yohji/Asuka, Schuldig/Silvia, Crawford/Silvia, Silvia/Sally, Crawford Schuldig, Kase/Ken, Schoen/Massafumi, Schuldig/Nagi, Berger/Geisel, and Schuldig/Geisel . . . just in the first section.  I found myself reading, and enjoying, pairings I would never consider and now I'm a complete addict.  Everything is well-written and absolutely based in canon.  Back stories are fleshed out, two-dimensional characters receive personalities, and I found myself reading these stories thinking that WK finally made sense, plot wise.  All the characters have motivations that fit within the original time lines; there's something here for every taste -- and it's all achieved within a healthy framework of porn.  This might be the first time I read stories set within the Gluhen period and loved it.  Yes, yes and more yes.  Go read it.

2. Saiyuki

Just when I swore to god and all that is holy to me (radishes, wine and dutch warmbloods) that I would not fall into another fandom, I made the mistake of reading [personal profile] emungere's Home From the Sea, Home from the Hill, and now I'm a total Gojyo/Hakkai slut -- yeah, I know I'm a thousand years late -- better late than never.  As a result of this, any and all Saiyuki recs you can send my way will be cherished.


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