What an excellent day!  [livejournal.com profile] thrihyrne  writes my favorite Seel, well, Thevina writes all my favorite Wraeththu - so when I requested a drabble I said, "it must be Seel" and I just didn't get a drabble, I received a whole, wonderful, brand new Wraeththu fic  filled with a lot more than just Seel.  Thank you so much Thevina!

Here's the synopsis:

This story takes place in Wraiths. At the end of chapter 12 after Seel saw Pellaz in his re-generation tank, Thiede is very specific with Seel and after telling him he's going to move to Immanion within a month, says, "You will be pleased to know I've allocated a sedu to you. Your training in controlling it begins in two days' time. I'll send a teacher to Saltrock with the animal." Seel isn't particularly grateful.

And here is the fic. (Adult, with warnings for threesomes, and Wraeththu bits)



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