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([personal profile] twopoint May. 31st, 2009 12:34 am)
It's like when my mother started texting (at nearly sixty) and ran up the phone bill, WHICH I PAY, three hundred dollars.

I just created my first slideshow.  Here it is.  Twopoint's Istanbul.

If I wasn't called to jury duty (for the first time ever) on the 15th, I would be in Istanbul next week.  Also, The Turk forgot to have his passport renewed.  I think I'll go make a Turk slideshow now to get him back for that.  Ooooh, drunk Turk photos!  And pinky rings are now outlawed in this house.  It must be an Ottoman thing.

*giggles* Did it.  The Turk.  The horse pictured the most in these photos would be The Other Woman.  She kicked a damn kitten and the Turk will not believe it to this day.  She is cruel and gorgeous and dark.  She receives special favors and the most preferred stall.  She is given extra feedings of hay.  I am her groom.  We have reached a suitable arrangement.

And this, above all things, is the poem.

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