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( Nov. 7th, 2020 10:48 pm)
I've decided to use this journal as my back up plan in case LJ explodes and also as a safe house for my stories. I would like to believe that I could manage two journals and cross-post, but I have difficulty simultaneously walking and talking on the phone, so there we have it.

So, if you need me, you can find me here.
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( Sep. 21st, 2009 10:09 pm)

Title: Truth Serum
Fandom: LotR
Pairing: Glorfindel/Erestor
Rating:  PG-13
Word count: 620
Summary: Erestor looks at a familiar view from a different angle, but he might regret it in the morning. Fluff for [info]lauand  who suggested the prompt G/E and vodkacon, or, as the case may be dwarvenmeadcon.

And many thanks to [info]levadegratchets and [info]questails  who put up with me, sentence by hair-pulling sentence, every day.


Luckily, he hadn't swallowed. )



Title: On the Level
Fandom: WK
Pairing: Crawford/Schuldig
Rating: PG (part 1) R (part 2)
Word count: 1450
Summary: a drabble in two parts written for[info]naiyad, the problem being that Schuldig is never oblivious and Crawford doesn’t do angst.

Part 1 )

This serves as my current contribution to The Plan, but I'm not hiding this under a lock because I love Edda [info]questails requested an Edda/G drabble and it's not going to make one lick of sense to anyone without some back story.  This comes from one of three Lengthy Original Projects I've been ignoring for months.  Its working title is The Historians because I cannot think of titles, and it suits the characters' vocations.  I'll be posting more back stories in the days to come which will flesh out the world these characters operate in, but for now, let's just say this is all based loosely on the concept of the Suddice, a hierarchy of spirits in Slavic mythology.  Edda is one of two main characters and I'm desperately in love with him.  Edda can also be represented by a tiny crow (please see icon).  He has a tendency to steal/hoard pencils and coppery coins.

Edda Chooses )
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( Sep. 4th, 2009 09:02 pm)
Two more points:

1. Gwonam's Amazing Weiss Kreuz Stash

You must visit the Weiss Kreuz Cave immediately, and this is why: just when we thought there were no more WK stashes of goodness, I found this floating around on the interwebs.  Here you will find stories by the incomparable gwonam that encompass every pairing imaginable: Yohji/Asuka, Schuldig/Silvia, Crawford/Silvia, Silvia/Sally, Crawford Schuldig, Kase/Ken, Schoen/Massafumi, Schuldig/Nagi, Berger/Geisel, and Schuldig/Geisel . . . just in the first section.  I found myself reading, and enjoying, pairings I would never consider and now I'm a complete addict.  Everything is well-written and absolutely based in canon.  Back stories are fleshed out, two-dimensional characters receive personalities, and I found myself reading these stories thinking that WK finally made sense, plot wise.  All the characters have motivations that fit within the original time lines; there's something here for every taste -- and it's all achieved within a healthy framework of porn.  This might be the first time I read stories set within the Gluhen period and loved it.  Yes, yes and more yes.  Go read it.

2. Saiyuki

Just when I swore to god and all that is holy to me (radishes, wine and dutch warmbloods) that I would not fall into another fandom, I made the mistake of reading [personal profile] emungere's Home From the Sea, Home from the Hill, and now I'm a total Gojyo/Hakkai slut -- yeah, I know I'm a thousand years late -- better late than never.  As a result of this, any and all Saiyuki recs you can send my way will be cherished.
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( Aug. 28th, 2009 07:49 pm)
Two points:

1. I need your help deciding what will happen to Crawfordpixie in the next chapter.  Apparently this story was stolen by pixies because I've been accused of hiding it.
          a. Crawfordpixie does something that involves hugging and wing flapping
              (voksen's genius).
          b. Crawfordpixie was a figment of Schuldig's fatigued brain.
          c. Crawfordpixie destroys Eszett.
          d. Crawfordpixie is almost smushed/drowned (voksen's genius) but he is
               saved at the last moment and we go on to more Cp/S adventures.
          e. Both c. and d. with some a. 

2.  I did intentionally hide this fic: What the Files Says because it's exactly like everything else I've ever written, except it's different.  Sort of.    I am learning to be very brave and I am posting things.  Then I lock them for two days.  Then I peer at them, shake my head, unlock  them and then lock them immediately again.  If I put a link here, I'll be able to avoid the compulsion to lock it back.
I need a pixie icon.

Magic 8 Ball

An improbable AU in which Schuldig finds Crawfordpixies: [ profile] voksen made me do it.


With Wings! )

Title: What the File Says
Fandom: WK (or twopoint's private brand of Schwarz fic)
Characters: Crawford/Schuldig
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Schuldig has a past.  Name speculation, experiments and sharp ankles.

This way to fic )
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( Aug. 22nd, 2009 09:58 pm)

Hi! I’m sick as bloody fuck, so feel free to attribute all of this weekend’s fic postings as the result of a feverish mind. The first sign of I must actually be sick was someone delivering a tray of food to me in bed this evening and after my initial shock wore off (I was raised by sensible people who believed if you were too sick to get up, you were probably too sick to eat, so they just left me alone until I surfaced) and I pushed the suspicious tray aside (Munchausen by proxy can pop up anytime in the least likely people – it never hurts to be too cautious), I decided to use this time to finish things I need to post and post things that I will never finish.

PLEASE NOTE: All the stories I post in the next few days have been hardly edited and quickly typed. I’m trying to learn to let things go and move on. [info]voksen ’s also trying to teach me how to write porn, but that’s not going too well.

Tonight we have . . . my first ever Crawford/Schuldig piece that I ever, ever wrote, ever. It is not finished, nor will it ever be finished. A one shot that has a beginning, middle and no ending. Pre-Schwarz, fresh out of Rosenkreuz, overall, I hate it, but I do like three lines. It is obvious that I was in Istanbul, staring out a window thinking about completely unrelated things when I wrote this.

Title: Notes
Fandom: WK . . .oh, hell – there’s no WK in this. It’s just Schwarz-ish.
Characters: Crawford / Schuldig
Rating: PG for suggestive pen strokes
Notes:  Crawford has a plan! (Really? No way!)

proceed at your own risk )
Stolen from [ profile] ahpookishere , this seems like an excellent way to shame myself into finishing something, or send the stories to the graveyard.  We'll see.

Post a sentence from as many as your WIPs as you want, with no explanation attached.
Schuldig, as usual, takes the prize for longest, most run-on-est, sentence. )


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( Aug. 11th, 2009 09:24 pm)

Question: How long does it take after you've edited and posted a fic to be able to re-read it without feeling like you're going to throw up?

(I'm seriously emetophobic, so typing the words 'throw up' is very hard for me, but no other phrase comes close to expressing my feelings on this matter.)

What's he building in there?

Fueled by the current (as opposed to the past) existential crisis (let’s call it EC for short) I present, ten drabbles of EXACTLY ONE HUNDRED WORDS EACH (it felt like burning, and one drabble just wouldn’t do, but I did it!) in which Schwarz ponders the meaning of existence. Most of this has been done, but let’s do it again, shall we? One day Farfarello might join us.  I promise,[info]ahpookishere ,  when I can wrap myself around anatomical references, I LOVE YOU will be yours. Until then, have these drabbles.

Title: Existential Crises
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Characters: Crawford / Schuldig, Nagi
Notes:  Ten brief encounters that might all go together in some way.


onward to drabbles )

Title:  The Forgotten Tree
Part: 5 / ?
Rated: PG for now, later R
Genre: Silmarillion to LoTR: g
enerally encompassing the entirety of Tolkien’s canon, from Gondolin to Imladris.
Warnings: Oh, there will be angst. And slash. And wars. And other things.
Pairing: Glorfindel/Erestor
Beta: The incredible [info]levadegratchets 
Summary:  Erestor's story as hitherto edited by Pengologh of Gondolin
Disclaimer:  Own nothing, made nothing.
Notes: I promise, on all that is dear to me (thirty year tawny port, radishes and oak trees) that it will not take three months for the next chapter to be edited and posted.

Chapter Five: Tarnin Austa )
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( Jul. 9th, 2009 09:16 pm)

I was sent home early from work because I might have been yelling too much this morning. Sometimes the fifty-one percent interest in the business doesn’t help when the VP and the assistants get together and vote. Let’s just say there have been incidents where the drink machine continually plugs itself into a faulty outlet. The only cure for my bad behavior is posting un-beta’ed Schwarz fic.   Then again, Schwarz fic might enable bad behavior. Either way.

I’m seeing a formula to these stories that goes like this: (C/S=question~no answer x bed) divided now by Nagi, who I love, thank you[info]ahpookishere particle theories. There will be more sex in the next story.

Title: Analyst
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Characters: Crawford / Schuldig, Nagi
Rating: PG-13
Notes:  Schuldig hires Nagi to be his financial advisor.


This way to fic )
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( Jun. 27th, 2009 01:28 am)
All the useful information I have to share is passed along through The Triad (namely NSM and Victoria, and myself being the third party) --but they've infiltrated my notebook this week. For the first time ever, I started a story in the back of my notebook, right to left. I did this because the first 3/4 of the book was so densely marked with sticky tabs that I no longer could tell what needed to be typed, what needed to be finished and what needed to be burned. I started the story from right to left and realized that my language was different; I allowed myself to be less structured, the plot carried me like a flood. And I flowed with it 'til 3AM. When I woke up the next morning, or I should say, when the Turk attempted his fourth wake up call the next morning, I immediately grabbed my phone, caressed it, kissed it and clicked on the link Victoria had sent me to this:

Why Left to Right Punches Are More Aggressive, Powerful and Shocking

And I have to say they're more expected, but writing in reverse gives me the opposite effect, circumventing the norm.

Found this on the shelf for recommended public school reading at a local bookstore: Confessions of an Economic Hitman and thought it strange for an area that would still consider banning The Scarlett Letter due to inappropriate imagery.

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( Jun. 22nd, 2009 01:15 am)

What I learned in jury duty this week:

  • I have a serious attorney fetish.   Still not sure whether it was the suits, the Windsor knots, the smug-self confidence or my own lack of visual stimuli in a government office, but omfg – I’m going to start writing lawyer porn. The old southern attorney stereotype is still alive and well in these here parts.
  • I am in hot demand as a juror, much to my chagrin. And I tried my hardest to appear unsavory. I answered their questions as creepily as possible and I didn’t brush my hair. My name was the first chosen for the first case
  • Whoever breaks the marriage engagement doesn’t retain ownership of the $26k diamond.
  • The American justice system is flooded with unnecessary cases.
  • If one says something with confidence, one has the ability to sway a room of twelve adults. And I’m usually the stupid one amongst my little circle of friends. If a fellow juror turns to the stupid one and asks, “Where did you go to law school?” we should rethink the system.
  • [ profile] levadegratchets : The week gave me the chance to get three quarters of the way through Kushiel’s Dart. I’m a little in love with Joscelin and I love Carey’s imagery. 

And now we shall cut for:

Near Death Experience and Bagged Cat )

I use[info]questails for her computer geniousness. 

After the Singapore Incident, I went a-searching for online document storage because emailing stories and notes to myself (and backing it all up on three separate flash drives, or posting it and locking it here) didn’t fully satisfy my ocd. I discovered some nicely recommended storage sites, but I’ve successfully locked myself down with anti-malware everything and the sites won’t allow me to upload without turning it off, which I cannot do because something might explode.

So I asked[info]questails and she put up with my ignorance magnanimously (as always) and said, why don’t you just use the document feature on gmail?


I’ve been playing with gmail docs for a couple weeks now and I love it love it love it. I love that I can email stories in and send draft links without attachments to whomever I want (the rest of you might not share in my ease of sharing). It’s clean text that keeps the style definitions so that I can copy and post without having to fiddle with font, unlike Word 07 which is of the devil, notepad takes too much out, etc.  

Curious about word count last night, I searched around to see if there was any difference between Word and gmail and discovered – my writing is easily understood by the average eleven year old and I typically write at the fourth grade level according to the Flesch-Kincaid Readability Tests. Occasionally, rarely, I step up to the fifth grade level. That puts me about even with Reader’s Digest and a little better than our local disaster of a newspaper. 

I’m sure Word offers the same information, but I never go deeper than the word count at the bottom of the screen. I know the tests don’t qualify as ratings, if it did, my fondness for a certain word that begins with f would push me at least into middle school (where I will eternally remain in heart and action). So, I’m going to be more polysyllabic this week. I’m going to keep telling[info]questails that she’s magnanimous, because she is.  And[info]victoriawiley, who writes shopping lists at the doctorate level, I’m going to tell her that she’s perspicacious, because that’s why I love her, and with her help I will use more semi-colons and develop complex sentence structures and I will finally understand the past perfect tense. I will try, and fail, to stop beginning sentences with And and But. 

So, using Flesch-Kincaid, who is your target audience?

Thanks to [ profile] ahpookishere  today was the best mail day EVER.  I now have a soundtrack for every trespassing predicament I find myself in this summer.  THANK YOU!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!  I also received a self-ahpookishere-portrait from the late 1800's.  I don't feel worthy forcing her to create a St. Schuldig for me now (but I will continue to beg and plead and whine until I see him and then I will meditate on him for hours). 

The evidence arrived in a package. . . )
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( May. 31st, 2009 12:34 am)
It's like when my mother started texting (at nearly sixty) and ran up the phone bill, WHICH I PAY, three hundred dollars.

I just created my first slideshow.  Here it is.  Twopoint's Istanbul.

If I wasn't called to jury duty (for the first time ever) on the 15th, I would be in Istanbul next week.  Also, The Turk forgot to have his passport renewed.  I think I'll go make a Turk slideshow now to get him back for that.  Ooooh, drunk Turk photos!  And pinky rings are now outlawed in this house.  It must be an Ottoman thing.

*giggles* Did it.  The Turk.  The horse pictured the most in these photos would be The Other Woman.  She kicked a damn kitten and the Turk will not believe it to this day.  She is cruel and gorgeous and dark.  She receives special favors and the most preferred stall.  She is given extra feedings of hay.  I am her groom.  We have reached a suitable arrangement.

And this, above all things, is the poem.


It all seems anticlimactic after Unicorns

Well, this turned long for no reason at all. The theme for the month must have been switched to rumination, but there is some kissing, thank god. I promise there will be more actual, and not implied, murder (and toe nail polish) in the next one.

Title: Collateral
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Characters: Crawford / Schuldig
Rating: R
Notes:  Poisons, missing digits and shopping lists. I claim no one but Olin. The rest are some weird, Jungian memory. 

Read more... )