Thanks to [ profile] ahpookishere  today was the best mail day EVER.  I now have a soundtrack for every trespassing predicament I find myself in this summer.  THANK YOU!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!  I also received a self-ahpookishere-portrait from the late 1800's.  I don't feel worthy forcing her to create a St. Schuldig for me now (but I will continue to beg and plead and whine until I see him and then I will meditate on him for hours). 

The evidence arrived in a package.

The unmarked, biggish envelope thing arrived by federal currier at 16:30 on 6.8.09.

Inside, twopoint found ART!!!

The collection of disks, removed carefully from the package, were found to be intact, and were then handed over to a group of accomplished encryptionists, who worked round the clock.  When the information was extracted, twopoint put in her ear-things and went on a long drive down desolate, southern, country roads listening to the loot.  She didn't pick up the guy she found hitchhiking near the cross roads, but she thought about it. 

THANK YOU [ profile] ahpookishere  !!!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!

Schuld . . . I mean The Car and I just went out for a test drive to Barry Adamson.  I haven't had this much mix tape love (and I mean love, love, like the romantic sort with valentines and butterflies) in years.

Stagger Lee and I are going to go have a moment now.

From: [identity profile]

You is welcome.

Unfortunately, not a self-portrait, although I would like to own such a smart hat! St.Schuldig is already on his way, and nothing can stop him (you know how he is, such a pushy boy). I still owe you for the unicorns, who are currently engaged in an epic battle with an African idol and a voodoo doll, and winning.

Also, YOUR CAR YOUR CAR. I want to hold it. Let me hold it.

Also, thank god, I finally found a use for all those stickers.

From: [identity profile]

People are not wearing enough hats. I want the horseshoe pin/buckle in this hat.

That car, and soy cinnamon dolce lattes with light whip, are the source of all my earthly bliss.

I have now spent four hours on the porch, on the couch, on the porch, on the couch, refusing to answer the turk's questions, having a sudden insight into reincarnation, deciding I really liked Nagi, staring at my notebook (not writing) and listening to your mixes. Billie Holiday is the one constant throughout my life - and so far, though I love them all!, no gestalt is my favorite.

I'm going to more of the same porch/couch thing now - with writing. Maybe.

From: [identity profile]

Your insights into reincarnation. Tell them to me.

Nagi is wonderful. I always picture him as this sharp-witted little science nerd. Like, he's really badass, but he's also a complete dork.

Tee hee, no gestalt scares me. Although, Marlene Dietrich + Margo Lion = alsdjlasdj best thing evar. Actually, Johnny Cash + Nick Cave probably = alskdjaslk best thing evar.

From: [identity profile]

Reincarnation: I’m a scattered religious freak, raised by snake handlers and southern Baptists, Catholic by conversion and Orthodox by marriage. As a kid I was always trying to argue the finer points of reincarnation to my father. Why did I not study comparative religion in college? Anyway - I was writing this thing filled with kundalini references the other day which led me to the work of an Italian metaphysician named Pallamidessi, who tried to combine kundalini practice with alchemy?!? Reading his very drifting sorts of writings, I discovered a point I’d never, ever considered – all those protestant teachings of being born again, baptism, imagery of re-birth. And I though, holy shit! I mean really. They talk and talk and talk, shake their fists and scream: WE TAKE THE WORD OF GOD LITERALLY!!!! And we only live once then you’re going to hell, but we’re not! But there their Jesus was, fussing until he was blue in the face about cleansing the soul through rebirth. I immediately called my father and started arguing again. That was my great big realization of the month. Thank you for asking.

Nagi is perfect.

Soundtrack for the night is Dancing with the Dead.

From: [identity profile]

But there their Jesus was, fussing until he was blue in the face about cleansing the soul through rebirth.

Very true. That image is so consistent through all the world's religions, that it must be some kind of deeply-rooted psychological construct.

Must now look up Pallamidessi...


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