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Two points:

1. I need your help deciding what will happen to Crawfordpixie in the next chapter.  Apparently this story was stolen by pixies because I've been accused of hiding it.
          a. Crawfordpixie does something that involves hugging and wing flapping
              (voksen's genius).
          b. Crawfordpixie was a figment of Schuldig's fatigued brain.
          c. Crawfordpixie destroys Eszett.
          d. Crawfordpixie is almost smushed/drowned (voksen's genius) but he is
               saved at the last moment and we go on to more Cp/S adventures.
          e. Both c. and d. with some a. 

2.  I did intentionally hide this fic: What the Files Says because it's exactly like everything else I've ever written, except it's different.  Sort of.    I am learning to be very brave and I am posting things.  Then I lock them for two days.  Then I peer at them, shake my head, unlock  them and then lock them immediately again.  If I put a link here, I'll be able to avoid the compulsion to lock it back.
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