What an excellent day!  [livejournal.com profile] thrihyrne  writes my favorite Seel, well, Thevina writes all my favorite Wraeththu - so when I requested a drabble I said, "it must be Seel" and I just didn't get a drabble, I received a whole, wonderful, brand new Wraeththu fic  filled with a lot more than just Seel.  Thank you so much Thevina!

Here's the synopsis:

This story takes place in Wraiths. At the end of chapter 12 after Seel saw Pellaz in his re-generation tank, Thiede is very specific with Seel and after telling him he's going to move to Immanion within a month, says, "You will be pleased to know I've allocated a sedu to you. Your training in controlling it begins in two days' time. I'll send a teacher to Saltrock with the animal." Seel isn't particularly grateful.

And here is the fic. (Adult, with warnings for threesomes, and Wraeththu bits)


It all seems anticlimactic after Unicorns

Well, this turned long for no reason at all. The theme for the month must have been switched to rumination, but there is some kissing, thank god. I promise there will be more actual, and not implied, murder (and toe nail polish) in the next one.

Title: Collateral
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Characters: Crawford / Schuldig
Rating: R
Notes:  Poisons, missing digits and shopping lists. I claim no one but Olin. The rest are some weird, Jungian memory. 

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