This serves as my current contribution to The Plan, but I'm not hiding this under a lock because I love Edda [info]questails requested an Edda/G drabble and it's not going to make one lick of sense to anyone without some back story.  This comes from one of three Lengthy Original Projects I've been ignoring for months.  Its working title is The Historians because I cannot think of titles, and it suits the characters' vocations.  I'll be posting more back stories in the days to come which will flesh out the world these characters operate in, but for now, let's just say this is all based loosely on the concept of the Suddice, a hierarchy of spirits in Slavic mythology.  Edda is one of two main characters and I'm desperately in love with him.  Edda can also be represented by a tiny crow (please see icon).  He has a tendency to steal/hoard pencils and coppery coins.

Edda Chooses )


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